If you manage a large or small facility, it is incredibly important to have the catch basins, that are located on the property, cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. That being stated, you may be curious as to why this is so important. The duty of a catch basin is to collect both trash and debris in order to prevent these items from entering into the drainage system. For example, storm drains and car wash basins are examples of catch basin systems. The main reason that catch basin cleaning is so important is due to the fact that it helps prevent or at minimum significantly reduce the amount of pollutants that enter into the storm sewer.

Items that enter into the storm sewer eventually end up making there way into local waterways such as streams and rivers. In fact, they can even make there way to the ocean. However, that is not the only crucial function that catch basins perform. They also relieve exterior surface areas, such as parking lots, lawns, and grounds of heavy influxes of water from heavy rainstorms, snow melt runoff, and carwashes that need to utilize a runoff area. If the catch basin grates are blocked by trash, leaves, the buildup of sediment, and other materials the chances of a blockage increase substantially.

Unfortunately, when the catch basins become blocked it will ultimately lead to flooding. The bad news is that flooding can create a great deal of damage to both property and the environment as a whole. The owner of the property is responsible for that flooding from both a legal and financial standpoint. That can lead to a serious financial loss. The good news is that the removal of debris, sediments, and other materials from the catch basin will help to ensure that the unit is working properly at all times. In turn, this will all but eliminate the likelihood of floods in parking lots and city streets.

When you have your catch basins maintained on a regular basis, it also significantly reduces the risk of polluting your local waterways. So how often should you have your catch basins cleaned and maintained? Far too many organizations make the costly mistake of waiting until there is a visible need, meaning the grate is already blocked, and or water is backing up. The bottom line is at that point the catch basin cleaning and maintenance should have already occurred. The idea behind any maintenance plan is to prevent problems from happening.

Your best approach to preventing issues is to have your catch basins cleaned and maintained on a regular basis so they do not become blocked. So what does “on a regular basis” mean? Typically speaking, you should have your catch basins cleaned and inspected in the late fall and late spring. Something else to consider is the amount of use that your catch basin experiences. For example, if you own or operate a busy car wash, you will need to have it cleaned and maintained on a far more frequent basis.

You should also keep in mind that some cities and towns require property owners to have their catch basins cleaned and inspected based on a particular schedule. In addition, the task must be performed more frequently if the catch basin is located in an area that has an excessive amount of fallen leaves, heavy rainfall, and heavy snowmelt.

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