Drain Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Hydro-Excavation Vactor Truck performing Catch Basin Cleaning in Waltham, MA

Our team offers municipalities, management companies and contractors the necessary service for timely cleaning and maintenance of the following.

  • Catch Basin Cleaning & Maintenance / Install & Repair*
  • Stormceptor Cleaning
  • Storm Drains Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Hydro-Guard Cleaning
  • Vortech Unit Cleaning
  • Oil & Water – Separator Cleaning

We can schedule one-time, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly depending on your specific situation and needs.

Our specialized vacuum equipment removes accumulated debris such as sand, rocks and leaves.  Jolin’s catch basin maintenance services are highlighted below.

Our cleaning services include High Power Vacuum, Hydro-Jetting and Hydro-Excavation.

We hope that more cities and towns will soon follow the Town of Westborough Conservation in their environmental efforts with regards to removal of pollutants before it can reach local, county, state waterways and wetlands.  We look forward to working with new cities, towns and property owners, as they become more aware of the serious environmental consequences from not having catch basins and drains frequently cleaned and having this overflow of pollutants reaching their own local waterways and wetlands.

The Town of Westborough Conservation has worked tirelessly over several years to collect data and mapping to implement mandatory drain cleaning throughout the town in an effort to help protect local waterways and wetlands and the wildlife that frequent both.

We are working closely with the Town of Westborough Conservation to ensure correct collection of property data, with the regards to number of units on property, and to provide our vactor vacuum and cleaning of catch basin and drain services, as well as all legal disposal, to conform and meet Town of Westborough Conservation specifications.

*Did you know?

Contractors must submit application to cities and towns to become a licensed and bonded drain layer in order to obtain legal permitting to perform water, sewer and drainage work.  We are licensed and bonded in many cities and towns, within Worcester County, for the water, sewer and drainage.  Please call for details and whether we hold permitting in your city/town.  Special permitting in not required for any type of basin / drain cleaning, however, your hired contractor should be able to provide you with information regarding their legal disposal method of the solid material removed from site to avoid heavy fines and environmental issues from the improper disposal of such material.

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