Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro-excavation employs our high powered vacuum to excavate in highly sensitive areas without causing damage to critical underground utilities such as fiber optic, gas and electrical lines. These lines, if a piece of heavy-equipment encounters, can not only be dangerous but can become a major headache and expense on property owner and/or contractor to repair and may also result in fines from the utility companies themselves.

Hydro-Excavation can bring you the piece of mind in knowing that this is a safer alternative to traditional excavation by decreasing the risk of “clipping”, puncturing or breaking a critical line.

Hydro-Excavation Vactor Truck

Dig “SAFE” | Excavate Legally, Smart & Safely

Hydro-Excavation is your legal, smart and safe way to excavate in highly sensitive areas without causing damage to critical underground utilities.

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