Jolin specializes in catch basin cleaning for property owners in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So, why is it important to have your catch basins cleaned and inspected? They serve an incredibly important purpose. The bottom line is that catch basins help prevent floods whenever it rains, and or the snow coverage melts all at once due to warm weather. Although the vast majority of people pay very little if any attention to their catch basins, they must be taken care of properly. Otherwise, they won’t work when we need them to.

For example, if it is clogged with leaves, sticks, branches, trash, sand, dirt, and other debris it simply will not function properly. So, how do these important devices work? In essence, they are boxes that are buried underground. The top of the box is covered with a grate that is located at ground level. The grate allows stormwater to flow through it. When it rains, the water that flows down the street will keep flowing until it reaches a catch basin. These handy devices are also located on private properties. They serve the same purpose, which is distributing stormwater.

The box of the catch basin collects the stormwater. When stormwater is flowing freely down the street or in your yard it tends to pick up debris along the way. When the stormwater enters into the box of the catch basin the debris sinks to the bottom. Once that occurs the water exits the catch basin through a distribution pipe. The stormwater is then distributed to a local waterway, such as a pond, stream, or lake. The stormwater can also be distributed from the catch basin to a man-made retention pond, or to the main sewer system where it will end up at a sewer plant for processing.

So, what happens to all of that debris that collects in the bottom of the catch basin? It needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis by an expert. If you have a catch basin at your private property, you need to have it cleaned and inspected at least twice per year. We highly suggest contacting us for service in the late fall and early spring. If you don’t properly maintain your catch basin, you’re taking the risk of causing a flood in your area.

The good news is that floods are easily preventable as long as you schedule your catch basin cleaning at least twice per year.

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