Although the concept of retaining walls sounds fairly simple, they are actually quite sophisticated pieces of construction engineering. In fact, retaining walls have been utilized since ancient Rome in order to vastly improve the aesthetics, productivity, and even the usefulness of various types of properties. Commercial properties in particular benefit from the addition of one or more retaining walls. In essence, they serve as both form and function that can increase the value of your building.

If you are considering, or have decided to add a retaining wall to your commercial property, it is important to remember the importance of proper placement and construction. That is why it is necessary to hire a contractor that not only specializes in building retaining walls, but is also an expert at excavation. In essence it will ensure that your new retaining wall or multiple retaining walls will function properly for years to come. They will also help make your property look even nicer.

The Purpose Of Commercial Retaining Walls

Did you know that the actual purpose of retaining walls is to hold back soil? Retaining walls should be designed with the purpose of preventing property damage by averting soil from eroding or sliding away from the foundation of your building. Commercial retaining walls can be constructed out of a vast variety of materials including brick, cement blocks, concrete, and stone. When constructed in the proper manner, retaining walls act as a barrier between the building’s foundation and the soil that saves the ground around the property from damage.

For example, retaining walls help to redirect water away from the building’s foundation. If the water washes away the soil and penetrates the foundation, it can lead to severe cracks within the foundation. Eventually, the water will penetrate through the foundation, which leads to flooding. Commercial retaining walls can also convert steep slopes into flat areas. This can allow for the construction of structures that otherwise could not be constructed on the property such as a parking lot or even a building. Commercial retaining walls can even be used to create gently sloped ramps that provide wheelchair access.

Commercial Retaining Walls Should Be Constructed With The Proper Drainage System

Here is an interesting fact for you. Over 50% of commercial retaining walls end up failing due to poor drainage issues. In essence, soil pressure and water pressure build up over time. This natural phenomenon eventually causes the materials to deteriorate. When that occurs, the retaining wall will either fall over, or crumble away. That means drainage should always be an incredibly important aspect of the retaining wall design and construction. Drainage options should be discussed early in the design process. There are a variety of solutions that include the use of drainpipes and or drainage stones.

In conclusion, retaining walls are exceptionally useful structures that offer a vast variety of applications for commercial properties. The increased value that a commercial retaining wall will bring to a property by making unusable land usable can well exceed the investment in construction costs. The bottom line is that a well planned, and well-constructed commercial retaining wall will vastly enhance the maintainability, usability, and visual appeal of your property.

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