Clogged Sewer

Don’t panic if you have a clogged sewer line. Although it can lead to disaster if left untreated, it’s  not the end of the world. Most of the time it’s actually a simple fix when done by a professional company that specializes in unclogging backed up sewer lines. First and foremost, contact us ASAP. We will do everything in our power to get to your property in a timely manner. The next thing you want to do is inform anyone and everyone in the building that the toilets, sinks, and anything with a drain is currently out of order. That may mean shutting down your business until the issue is fixed.

If you own an apartment building or rental units it may mean putting your tenants up at a hotel or motel for a day or two until the issue is resolved. The bottom line is that your sewer system should not be used in any way until the clogged sewer line is fixed. Do you know why? The next flush of a toilet or water running down the drain could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In essence, it can cause raw sewage and or wastewater to back up through the sewer pipes. Do you know what can occur if that happens? It’s not for the faint of heart. The raw sewage and or wastewater can enter into the building through the toilets and or drains.

If you’ve even seen a toilet or drain back up like that you know how bad of a situation it is. If you have not seen a toilet or drain back up like that, consider yourself lucky. Here are a few signs that you have a clogged sewer line. If you notice any of them happening at your property, take action immediately. First and foremost, the toilets don’t flush as easily and the sinks and drains don’t drain as easily as they normally do. When the problem gets worse you will start to notice sewer related smells coming from the toilets and drains.

As the clogged sewer line becomes worse it will start to back up. Before raw sewage and wastewater enter into the property through the toilets and drains you may very well start to notice that puddles are forming in the basement and or grounds of the property. Do not touch those puddles, they consist of raw sewage. Once again, if you notice any of these signs of a clogged sewer line, contact us immediately and make sure that nobody is using the toilets, sinks, and drains.

If you have any questions about our clogged sewer line services, or would like to schedule an appointment we are happy to help. Please contact us today! Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today.

Environmental related issues occur all of the time, and can strike at any time. That is exactly why you need to have a local and reliable environmental services company at the helm and ready to go whenever you actually need them.

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