Properly maintaining your stormceptors with frequent servicing is certainly an important aspect of ensuring that harmful pollutants are removed from the stormwater before it flows back into the water source. In addition, a plethora of municipalities in New England are implementing regulations that require it. This holds especially true for property owners that use a large amount of grease, oil, and other sediments such tend to clog inlets and outlets that can lead to overflows that are harmful to the water quality.

Poor maintenance practices, or complete lack of a maintenance plan can absolutely lead to hefty fines, let alone a higher level of distrust by the surrounding community. Keep in mind that it is your name, reputation, and money that is on the line if contaminated stormwater exits your property and pollutes the local environment. The following information will present you with a few factors to consider when maintaining the stormceptors at your home, business, or other properties that you may own.

Routine Maintenance Is Key

Having a stormceptor in place at your property is not enough on its own. Regular maintenance is needed to make sure that the system is actually working properly. It is important to work with an expert in stormceptor inspection and maintenance that is familiar with local requirements. This will completely eliminate the guesswork on your end. It is also a good idea to enter into a maintenance contract with the expert in order to take the pressure off of yourself when it comes to scheduling routine inspections and cleaning services.


Federal, state, and local regulations require that stormwater systems such as stormceptors be maintained and serviced on a recurring basis. They also require that the collected materials, such as debris, sediments, and trash be properly disposed of. Some materials found in stormceptors may contain unpleasant elements. It is best to have a professional company make certain that the waste is disposed of properly and in a manner that follows guidelines for your local jurisdiction.

Frequency And Timing

Depending on your stormceptor system, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and your location, the timing and frequency at which you need to perform maintenance may differ slightly. A regular “recurring” basis may mean a full clean out annually, bi-annually, or even monthly. The amount of runoff, volume of pollutants, and interference from debris can impact the frequency in which you need to have the units inspected and cleaned. In addition, it is important to have service performed to your stormceptors prior to any potentially extreme rainstorms or heavy snowmelt situations.

Signs That You Are Having Issues With Your Stormceptors

Stormceptors tend to be one of those things that are easy to ignore unless there is a problem. Often times, these problems are due to lack of proper or regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections. If you have failed to have your stormceptors inspected and maintained recently, and notice a funny smell in or around the property than you may very well be having an issue that is stormceptor related. In addition, if you walk around the grounds and notice that there is an excessive amount of puddles, it may very well be due to a failure with your stormceptors.

Even if small puddles are beginning to form in areas that are typically dry, and there has not been any recent rainfall, chances are it’s the stormceptors to blame. In addition to keeping your system running properly, regular inspections can allow you to budget for future maintenance and possible failure.

In conclusion, it is important and necessary to have the stormceptors located at your property both inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise you may very well be facing problems that are completely avoidable. If you have any questions or would like to schedule service we are happy to help. Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today.

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