Frac tanks are most widely known for their use in the gas and oil industry due to the fact that they were originally designed to hold the liquids that are used for fracking. However, frac tanks have a great deal of uses in addition to fracking. In essence, frac tanks, also referred to as fixed axle storage tanks, are the perfect material storage solution for a wide range of industries and municipalities. Frac tanks are large, heavy gauge steel tanks that can be easily moved to a job site and can just as easily be removed. In addition, frac tanks are specifically designed to allow all of the contents to be emptied from the tank without the need to actually slope the tank.

This is a huge plus because full evacuation means less to zero waste of the material contained within the tank. This is possible because frac tanks can contain pumping systems, similar to vacuum trucks, that are effective at removing all of the materials contained within the tank. Frac tank floors are also modified in order to obtain complete emptying of the tank regardless of the slope of the ground on which the tank rests. The following information will provide you with frac tank applications for various types of organizations.

Municipal Storage

Frac tanks can be used for on-site water storage for municipalities across New England. The typical frac tanks holds upwards of 18,000 gallons, which make them the perfect solution for excess water storage for overflows at wastewater treatment facilities. Frac tanks are also an ideal option for chemical water treatment, stormwater storage, and for the treatment of run off at construction sites. In addition, frac tanks can store and deliver slurry-based products.

Environmental Remediation

Frac tanks go a long way in helping organizations comply with environmental regulations due to the fact that they have the ability to store hazardous waste until it can be properly disposed of. Frac tanks that are used for environmental remediation are typically available in 21,000 gallon closed tops models, or 18,000 gallon open top weir tanks. Since frac tanks can store stormwater and snowmelt runoff, they are an incredibly useful component in preventing pollution.

The Construction Industry

Frac tanks are often used in the construction industry. In essence, they help to save both money and time for projects that require dewatering solutions, groundwater management, and stormwater management. Frac tanks are also perfect for storing polymer or bentonite slurry mixtures.


Many airports have specialized self-containment requirements. For example, frac tanks are needed to store aviation fuel. They are also needed to store de-icing fluids that are applied to runways. Did you know that the amount of de-icing fluid required for one (1) large commercial aircraft ranges anywhere from 500 gallons to 1,000 gallons of diluted fluid? A great deal of airports also utilize frac tanks for rainwater and snowmelt runoff.


The shipping industry utilizes frac tanks in order to store fuel, fuel backup during ship tank cleanings, gray water storage, and even fresh water storage. 21,000 gallon open top frac tanks come with an epoxy coating that is applied to the interior of the tank to prevent contamination in small, confined areas. In addition, double walls provide environmental protection against accidental leaks.

In conclusion, no matter what you use your frac tanks for, it is incredibly important to have them inspected and cleaning by a professional on a regular basis. If you have any questions about frac tank cleaning and inspection, or would like to schedule service we are happy to help. Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today.

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