Frac tanks may very well be the perfect solution for industries that require easily accessible storage of both liquids and solids at particular locations.

These mobile devices are flexible in the fact that they can be utilized for both short-term and long-term uses. In essence, frac tanks are large capacity steel containers that have the ability to store petroleum products, chemicals, fertilizer, saline water, fresh water, and other types of materials. These all-purpose devices are used for a vast variety of applications, and are available in different configurations.

Typically speaking, frac tanks come in multiple sizes that range from a holding capacity of 8,400 upwards of 21,000 gallons. Frac tanks can be easily moved from one location to another with the use of a tractor or truck. These all-purpose pieces of equipment are characteristically designed with either a V Bottom or Round Bottom configuration that creates a low and centralized point. This is an important characteristic due to the fact that it makes the tanks far easier to empty and to clean. Speaking of which, your frac tanks will last a lot longer if you have them cleaned on a regular basis.

How Long Should A Frac Tank Last?

Although frac tanks are typically built to last with an average life span of approximately twelve (12) years, it is incredibly important to have them cleaned on a regular basis in order to maximize that life span. The materials stored inside the equipment also go a long way in determining how long the tanks will be useful, and when they should be replaced.  For example, one of the primary uses of frac tanks is in the oil and gas industry. Like all equipment that is involved in the drilling of fossil fuels, frac tanks quickly become incredibly dirty.

The fluid being held inside the tank is used for fracking, so the tanks experience a great deal of grease, caked on mud, oil sludge, and a variety of other debris. On the other hand, when frac tanks are used to store less harsh materials, such as water, chances are the tanks will last significantly longer. However, without the proper maintenance, your frac tanks will not be in service as long as they should be. Think of it this way, if you fail to put oil in your automobile than your engine will eventually stop working.

Only Hire An Experienced Professional To Clean Your Frac Tanks

Do not attempt to clean your frac tanks yourself or use labor that is not trained and highly experienced. You may very well end up causing an extreme amount of damage to the tanks, which may very well lead to leaks. If this happens, it will cost a significant amount of money to have the frac tanks repaired. In a worst-case scenario, the tanks can be completely ruined past the point of no return. In addition, some industries are required to clean their frac tanks to a standard that meets government regulations.

If you fall within this category, it is simply not worth taking the risk of facing serious penalties and paying hefty fees. Only a professional frac tank cleaning company can properly clean this highly valuable equipment.

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