Do you know what hydro excavating is? In essence, it’s a technologically advanced method of excavating the ground and moving dirt. The process saves a significant amount of time and money when compared with the traditional excavation method. The bottom line is we no longer need to utilize heavy-duty excavation equipment, such as backhoes, bulldozers, and dump trucks in order to excavate the ground. Although these machines have been used for many years, they are expensive to operate.

For example, the price of fuel is at an all-time high, and these machines burn a great deal of it on a daily basis. The manpower to operate them is also incredibly expensive. In fact, heavy-duty equipment operators are some of the highest paid personnel on the job site. You then have to factor in the cost of the machines. Traditional excavation companies can spend millions of dollars on one piece of equipment. That means there may be tens of millions of dollars on your construction site during the excavation phase.

Although developers, property owners, and project owners don’t need to actually purchase the machines, they are paying for a percentage of them in the form of the overall excavation job costs. The traditional excavation method is also incredibly time consuming, and since it’s the first step of the construction process it can hold up the entire job. When you add it up it’s no wonder that the traditional exaction method is one of if not the most expensive line items of your entire project.

Then there are the danger aspects. Accidents are inevitable when operating such large and powerful equipment. Excavation workers are injured and killed on the job site on a regular basis. The good news is that the hydro excavation method eliminates all of the problems as listed above. First and foremost, it eliminates the need for heavy-duty equipment. The traditional excavation equipment is replaced with a vacuum truck, a machine that pressurizes water, and a few hoses.

In essence, the highly pressurized water is sprayed at the area of the ground that needs to be excavated. The dirt or soil quickly turns into sludge. The vacuum truck then vacuums the sludge up. The sludge is also stored inside the tank of the vacuum truck until it’s removed on a permanent basis. The hydro excavation method is so precise that there is basically no need to backfill the hole once the foundation or other structure is installed. Hydro excavation is so powerful that it can even be utilized when the ground is frozen. The hydro excavation process takes a fraction of the time to complete.

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