Hydro Excavation Explained

If you need to have repairs made to your sewer system or other types of equipment that are buried underground, the only way to reach them is by removing the earth that they are located under. This process, known as excavation, is an extremely expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Back in the old days, the only way to excavate was by hand using a shovel. Then heavy machinery was invented. Although it saves a significant amount of time, it also takes a considerable amount of resources to operate the equipment.

That is one of the main reasons why it is so expensive to have your sewer system and or underground equipment repaired. The good news is that there is a cutting edge excavation solution that is much faster, far more cost effective, and causes a lot less damage than digging with those gigantic yellow trucks. It is called Hydro Excavation.

How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

Hydro Excavation is a technique that utilizes water to excavate and shift soil. It can decrease a great deal of the expenses and pitfalls that are typically incurred by conventional excavation methods. In essence, pressurized water is used along with an air vacuum machine in order to such up the debris. The water is under such an extreme amount of pressure that it is actually capable of digging the earth while the air vacuum system removes the washed out dirt and places it into a waste tank.

Hydro excavation takes advantage of the erosion power of the fast moving water, much like a hydro jet does for cleaning plumbing pipes. When the pressurized water is applied to the soil and rocks in the area that is being excavated, it breaks the materials apart. The debris can then be vacuumed up along with the water. This leaves the underground equipment and pipes exposed and ready for repair.

The Advantages Of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is an eco-friendly and safe way to remove soil. It is faster and more effective than traditional excavation methods. Sewer system and underground equipment repairs or replacement can be completed sooner, which will have your property back up and running properly in days rather than weeks or even months. Just imagine if your company cannot operate until the repairs are completed. How much money will you lose each day? How will that impact your business? Now imagine if your septic system is not functioning at your home.

You will not be able to flush the toilets, take a shower, or run any of the water until the repairs are complete. How will that impact your family? In addition, hydro excavation is far less destructive. It minimizes injury risks, and helps to ensure that people close to the work site will remain safe from mishaps. The safety benefits of this technologically advanced excavation method go a long way in keeping the worksite free from danger. There are also cost benefits to hydro excavation.

For example, a smaller, less labor-intensive workforce is needed on your property to clean up after the work has been completed. Hydro excavation also reduces the equipment operating costs associated with heavy-duty machinery. It also results in far less damage to the environment and existing installations. The advantages of hydro excavation are apparent in both the proficient job it does, and in the cost cutting measures it provides. The bottom line is that hydro excavation will save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and aggravation.

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