If you are in the construction industry, utilities industry, or simply have a project that requires a bit of excavation, it is time to give some serious consideration to hiring a company that specializes in hydro-excavation. The bottom line is that hydro-excavation is significantly faster, far more efficient, and will save you a tremendous amount of money compared to the traditional excavation method. By traditional excavation method we are referring to digging the ground by hand with shovels, or digging the ground with heavy-duty earth moving equipment such as backhoes, front end loaders, and of course excavators.

Digging the ground by hand is incredibly labor intensive, which equals high labor costs even for small jobs. Digging the ground with heavy-duty machines is also incredibly expensive due to the fact that it costs a lot of money to operate those heavy-duty machines. Both require backfilling, which takes even more time. However, the hydro-excavation method does not require any digging by hand, or digging with heavy-duty equipment. It uses a simple, yet incredibly accurate and effective technology instead. In essence, highly pressurized water is sprayed at the excavation area.

It turns the ground into slurry, which is a mix of water and dirt. The slurry is then easily removed by a vacuum truck. The vacuum truck sucks up the slurry through a hose until it reaches a storage tank that is mounted to the truck. When the excavation job is complete, the vacuum truck transports the slurry off site for disposal. Since the hydro-excavation method is so precise, there is no need to backfill the area that has been excavated. Of course that saves both time and money. Hydro-excavation can be used for both large and small jobs.

It is especially handy for jobs that are located in areas that are hard to reach with large, heavy-duty excavation equipment. In fact, you can park the vacuum truck within thirty (30) feet of the job site. Although the water hose and vacuum hose are attached to the truck, they can stretch as far as thirty (30) feet on average. Since the hydro-excavation process is so precise, it is the perfect method for excavating utility trenches for utility line installations and repairs. Excavating trenches the traditional way destroys the direct areas surrounding the trench.

Hydro-excavation preserves the direct areas surrounding the trench. If there are other utility lines buried near your work area, you no longer need to worry about destroying them when installing or repairing your utility lines. In conclusion, the hydro-excavation method saves both time and money, and is far more accurate when compared to the traditional excavation method.

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