Hydro excavation is a technologically advanced method that is used to both excavate and shift soil. Although the technique is relatively new, it is quickly becoming the go to way to move dirt. This is due to the fact that hydro excavation is a better way to dig. In essence, it can decrease the plethora of pitfalls and expenses that are associated with conventional excavation processes. So how does hydro excavation work and what makes it different? High-pressure water is used in conjunction with an air vacuum machine that sucks up the debris.

The water is under such a high amount of pressure that it has the capability to dig the earth in a fast and efficient manner. At the same time, the air vacuum system removes the earth and dispenses it into a holding tank that is typically mounted on a vacuum truck. Hydro excavation is significantly more precise than digging with backhoes and shovels. The method removes a far smaller amount of soil, which means the time and effort that it takes to backfill is all but eliminated.

Hydro excavation also eliminates the need to transport and use heavy machinery, which tends to be expensive to operate, and can be dangerous to people that are working on construction sites. Large pieces of excavation equipment, such as bulldozers and backhoes, cause damage to the environment. Hydro excavation equipment all but eliminates the need to dig manually in areas where heavy-duty equipment cannot be utilized. Digging by hand is not only incredibly time consuming, it is also extremely strenuous for laborers.

The good news is that hydro excavation is a new way to solve an age-old problem. It is by far the safest, fastest, most cost effective, and eco-friendly way to move dirt. The method can certainly be utilized to excavate foundations for buildings and other types of structures. It can also be used to cut trenches for utility lines, and dig routes for sewer system piping and water line pipes. A great deal of contractors employ hydro excavation when installing posts and poles, and performing maintenance around existing installations.

The cutting edge system is useful in a vast variety of industries including construction, electrical, plant maintenance, subsurface engineering, and telecommunications to name a few. The outstanding benefits of hydro excavation have been noticed by industry leaders, and are considered to be a clean and efficient manner in which to remove soil. That is one of the many reasons why hydro excavation has become increasing popular. The safety benefits are import to say the least. Hydro excavation provides a method to excavate and relocate soil in a non-mechanical and far less destructive way.

In essence, it greatly diminishes the injury risks to workers. It also makes certain that people who are located close to the jobsite will remain safe. The bottom line is that hydro excavation helps keep worksites free from danger. It also requires a significantly smaller, and far less labor-intensive workforce. In essence, considerably less workers are needed to prep the job site, perform the excavation work, and clean up once the excavation work is complete. That means your costs are also significantly smaller, which of course is good for the bottom line.

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