Hydro excavation is a technologically advanced method that is used to dig and move large amount of soil. It is quickly becoming the preferred excavation method for a multitude of applications due to the fact that it significantly reduces a great deal of the risks that are associated with traditional digging methods. The hydro excavation system typically consists of a highly pressurized water source, a heavy-duty air vacuum, and a portable debris tank. The pressurized water is sprayed through a hose, and is able to dig through the soil in an incredibly fast manner.

An air vacuum machine then transfers the soil to the debris tank where it is removed from the site or stored for later use. Hydro excavation is extremely useful for a plethora of industries and applications that require excavation. Underground utility work is near or at the top of that list. This is due to the fact that conventional excavation methods, such as manual shovel digging and the use of backhoes and other large pieces of equipment are not nearly as accurate for digging soil.

This typically results in the need for backfilling once the job is complete, which adds both time and money to the bottom-line. In addition, manual digging is incredibly intensive for the laborers, and takes a considerable amount of time to complete. Heavy machinery poses a great deal of safety risks to people working at the site, and is known to cause a significant amount of damage to the surroundings. The good news is that hydro excavation all but eliminates these situations.

Hydro evacuation is a non-mechanical, eco-friendly, and safe method of digging. In addition, hydro excavation completes the job in a far more accurate and fast manner, with significantly less effort from the workers. This means that the high-tech excavation method significantly reduces costs. It also provides better and more efficient service.  Hydro excavation provides an advanced method of digging the ground and moving soil that is far safer for both people and the environment than traditional excavation methods.

For example, laborers and near by citizens are safer from construction related mishaps due to the fact that hydro excavation only requires the use of water and an air vacuum. That means the equipment can be positioned at a distance from the area being excavated and away from most people on or near the job site. It also reduces the amount of traffic and congestion that most typical jobsites experience. The process of hydro excavation eliminates a great deal of unnecessary effects from traditional excavation methods. In essence, it provides a far more accurate and precise job so damages to surrounding pipes, utilities and environment are considerably reduced.

Hydro excavation has the ability to move the soil in an accurate manner when it comes to potholing, installation of pipes and cables, or in any excavation job. The pipes and underground utilities are avoided by the water so there will be no leaks or cracks made during the process. Hydro excavation can also be utilized for landscaping applications. It performs the tasks in a delicate and efficient manner, which does not disturb the surrounding soil. This also allows your landscaping to have a much stronger foundation.

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