The Hydro Excavation method is a highly useful way to both dig and move soil. In essence, it has the ability to significantly reduce the costs and the risks that are typically associated with traditional excavation methods such as hand digging with shovels, and digging with heavy machinery. Hydro Excavation utilizes highly pressured water along with an air vacuum system. Since the water is so highly pressurized, it becomes a powerful force when applied to soil. The water actually has the ability to dig the soil, and the vacuum has the ability to remove the soil by transferring it to a debris tank.

Most hydro excavation set-ups include the use of vacuum trucks that can store and remove the unneeded soil from the job site. An important aspect of Hydro Excavation is the fact that it is incredibly useful for a great deal of applications including excavation for foundations, and the installation of plumbing and sewer pipes. Hydro Excavation is also the preferred method for the installation of utilities like underground wires and cables. Last but certainly not least, Hydro Excavation is perfect for the installations of posts and poles.

It certainly goes without saying that the many benefits that Hydro Excavation offers have made it an incredibly popular excavation method across New England. Conventional excavation methods are not nearly as accurate for digging soil. This typically results in the need for time consuming backfilling to be performed once the installation process has been completed. For example, when contractors excavate an area for the installation of a foundation using a traditional excavation method, a backhoe is typically utilized to dig a large hole in the ground.

Once the foundation is installed, the area around the foundation must be filled in with soil. This takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. Manuel digging something that large is incredibly labor intensive, which means it takes a great deal of time, and costs a great deal of money in man-hours. It also puts a serious risk of injury on the labor force. Even the heavy-duty machinery poses serious safety hazards to the labor force, plus it causes a great deal of damage to the surroundings. The good news is that Hydro Excavation all but eliminates these problems since the high-tech excavation method is non-mechanical, eco-friendly, and safe.

It also gets the job done in a far faster manner. That means it is far more efficient and cost effective. Regarding the cost benefits, the process significantly reduces many of expensive aspects of the traditional excavation method. The elimination of backfilling, as listed above, is certainly one of them. Another good example is excavating for the repair of buried plumbing and sewer pipes. Traditional excavation methods are famous for damaging surrounding pipelines.

Since Hydro Excavation is far more accurate and precise, it basically eliminates the damage to surrounding pipes. The Hydro Excavation method is also perfect in tight areas where heavy-duty machinery simply cannot fit. This is due to the fact that equipment needed for this process can be positioned at a distance from the actual work area. In essence, the water and vacuum line can be extended out from the unit. Picture it like a fire hose attached to a fire truck.

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