It certainly goes without saying that the vast majority of commercial property owners experience slow or clogged drains at some point. A vast variety of materials end up getting stuck in drains and toilets. In addition, grease, minerals, and other types of debris build up inside the interior of the plumbing pipes over time. Although there is a plethora of ways to fix the problem, nothing else compares to the high-tech hydro jetting method. That being stated, some people are unaware of what hydro jetting actually is. Hydro jetting incorporates the use of a high-pressure hose with a special nozzle attached to the end.

Water is blasted through the hose and nozzle in order to clear away any blockages and build up in the plumbing pipes. In essence, it is like power washing your pipes. The water is actually sprayed as a water jet that ranges from 3,000 pounds per square inch, to 8,000 pounds per square inch, which is incredibly powerful. That means hydro jetting has the ability to remove everything from stubborn commercial clogs to tree roots that are growing in the sewer line. The following information will provide you with a few reasons why hydro jetting is the best way to clear clogged pipes at your commercial property.

Hydro Jetting Saves Money

Even though the hydro jetting method may cost a little bit more than simple snaking or other rooter techniques, it will definitely save you a significant amount of money in the long run. For example, hydro jetting clears the entire pipe, which means it will stay clog free for significantly longer. Less service calls equals more money in your pocket. In addition, hydro jetting goes a long way in reducing and even eliminating future problems from occurring. This can save a tremendous amount of money in plumbing pipe repairs and replacement, which can costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Hydro Jetting Is Incredibly Effective

Although traditional methods may work to clear clogged pipes, they are certainly no match for the power of hydro jetting. As mentioned above, hydro jetting is the most effective way to clear clogged plumbing pipes due to the fact that it fully clears the plumbing lines. In essence, it removes all of the debris and build up that occurs inside of your plumbing and sewer pipes. The traditional methods such as snaking may remove the blockage, however it leaves behind a residue on the inside of the pipes. The residue builds up over time, and will eventually lead to a slow drain or even another clog.

Hydro Jetting is Sanitary And Environmentally Friendly

Although a professional technician will be performing all of the dirty work, sanitation is still an important aspect of any plumbing and sewer pipe related job. Traditional methods pose a risk that debris and even raw sewage will come into direct contact with the building and even the surrounding environment. Hydro jetting takes far less time, which means there is less contact with contaminants. When compared with chemical applications, hydro jetting is considered to be an environmentally friendly method of clearing clogged plumbing and sewer pipes. This technologically advanced method is even safe for commercial properties that are located near water sources such as ponds, rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

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