Do you know what a vacuum truck is and what it does? If you manage a city or town, own real estate, run an industrial plant, or supervise a construction company then you need to at least be familiar with these incredibly versatile machines. This is due to the fact that vacuum trucks provide vital services for municipalities and across a wide range of industries that require the effective and efficient movement of materials. The following information will provide you with everything that you need to know about vacuum trucks including how they operate.

Let’s start by teaching you how a vacuum truck actually works. First and foremost, vacuum trucks are like gigantic and far more powerful versions of a shop vacuum. In essence, a pump is used to remove any air from the holding tank. This creates a vacuum within the holding tank. When both the primary and secondary shutoff valves are opened on the suction hose it enables the holding tank to equalize the pressure inside of the tank. The suction provides the vacuum truck with the ability to vacuum up or suck up solids, liquids, and sludges.

When the equipment is of high quality the vacuum truck will do a more effective job. The bottom line is that the power of the pump has a direct affect on the suction, which has a direct affect on the vacuum truck’s ability to suck up the solids, liquids, and sludge’s. That is why we have new or newer high-end vacuum trucks in our fleet. When it comes to vacuum trucks, you are only as good as your equipment. So what are vacuum trucks used for and how can they benefit you?

Vacuum trucks, which are also referred to as vacuum tankers, are typically used by cities and towns in order to perform clean up duties for a host of uses such as septic system maintenance, culvert cleaning, catch basin cleaning, and storm drain cleaning. In addition, vacuum trucks play an important role in cleaning up non-hazardous material spills, and environmental cleanups. As far as industrial applications, vacuum trucks are perfect for emptying storage tanks for repair and inspection.

In essence, vacuum trucks have the ability to easily remove the contents of the tank, temporarily store the contents of the tank in the holding chamber on the truck, and then distribute the contents of the holding tank back into the tank. In regards to how vacuum trucks are used in the construction industry, they are the perfect machines for hydro excavation, which is a cutting edge excavation method that is gaining in popularity because it is faster, safer, and more cost effective.

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