Is Your Property At Risk For A Nasty Flood?

The summer is finally here! That is great news for people that love to spend their time outdoors in the warm sunshine. It also means that there will be an increase in those torrential downpours that are the direct result of all of that hot and humid weather. The good news is that you will save money watering the grounds. The bad news is that all of that excessive rainwater can actually flood your property. It is bad enough when your landscaping, driveway or parking lot is flooded with water.

It is far worse when the water enters the interior of your residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Standing water can cause a great deal of damage to floors, walls, and ceilings. It can also ruin valuable assets, equipment, and personal belongings that are located within your home or building. Is your property at risk for a nasty flood? The following information will help you figure that out.

Your Property Is At Risk For A Nasty Flood If You Spot Standing Water On The Ground

The first telltale sign that your property is at risk for a nasty flood is when you find standing water on the lawn, mulch beds, walkways, or paved surfaces. It is completely normal for water to cover the ground for a few hours after it rains, especially when it downpours. That being stated, if you notice a significant amount of water forming, or even puddles that last long after the sunshine has returned, you may very well have a problem with your drainage system. If that is the case, the problem must be discovered and fixed immediately.

Your Property Is At Risk For A Nasty Flood If You Notice Water Stains On The Foundation

The second telltale sign that your property is at risk for a nasty flood is when you find water stains on the exterior foundation of the building. For example, water stains that are located high up on the foundation wall indicates that standing water is pooling instead of draining away from the house or building in the proper manner. If you are at that point, the very next storm may be the straw that breaks the camels back. The next thing you know, that standing water will invade into the property. Once again, you may very well have an issue with your drainage system that must be discovered and repaired as soon as possible.

Your Property Is At Risk For A Nasty Flood If You Discover Mold And Or Mildew Inside The Basement

Last but not least, if you find mold and or mildew inside your basement chances are you are at risk for a nasty flood. In essence, it is a telltale sign that water is accumulating under the foundation and slowly seeping into the property. You will soon discover puddles in the basement. The next step is a full-blown flood that is caused by a predicament with your drainage system. In order to avoid the point of no return, you must uncover the problem and have it fixed as soon as you detect any mold or mildew.

The Solution

The good news is that the issue with your drainage system may be something that is simple and inexpensive to fix. Detecting the problem in the early stages can save you thousands of dollars in damages that a flood will cause. Please keep in mind that the typical property owners insurance policy does not cover floods. That means you are financially responsible for all repairs, and will not be reimbursed for items that are ruined by the water.

If you are experiencing any of the above signs that your property is at risk for a nasty flood, it may be as simple as having your catch basins inspected and cleaned by a professional. While you are at it, your sewer system should be inspected on a regular basis as well. These cost saving procedures will go a long way in saving the day.

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