Frac tanks are flexible vessels that are perfect for the on-site storage and or disposal of both liquids and solids. Although most people think that they are only used in the oil fields, hence the name “frac” tanks, the opposite actually holds true. In fact, frac tanks are incredibly useful for a great deal of industrial based applications across a great deal of industries. For example, frac tanks are great at storing water, including portable water. That makes it easy for construction companies to have a reliable source of water wherever and whenever it is needed.

This is due to the fact that frac tanks are designed to be transportable. In essence, they can be hooked up to a truck, bulldozer, or a backhoe so they can be moved around the construction site with ease. That being stated, they should remain on the jobsite and not driven on the road. It is highly suggested to only hire an on site frac tank cleaning services specialist. That way the frac tanks do not need to travel which significantly reduces risk, saves a considerable amount of time, and of course saves a whole bunch of money. Frac tanks are also incredibly useful on the farm.

Once again, a portable water source can be key in the day-to-day operations, however in addition to storing water, frac tanks are also incredibly useful for storing liquid fertilizer. This comes in handy when ordering large loads. Although liquid fertilizer can be stored in other vessels, fiberglass tanks are extremely expensive. The transportability factor also comes into play here. For example, if a hard to reach field needs to be fertilized, the frac tank can be easily moved to the location by simply attaching it to a tractor or other piece of farm equipment.

Speaking of farming, frac tanks are also useful for livestock farmers that store and spread manure. In fact, frac tanks have the ability to hold large quantities of manure. They also have the ability to connect to multiple filters and pumps in order to spread the manure in a fast and cost effective manner. Once again, it is best to keep the frac tanks on the farm when it comes to having them cleaned. On site frac tank cleaning services are available for this application as well. Yes, it’s a messy job, but someone has to do it.

Last but certainly not least, a great deal of cities and towns across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts use frac tanks to store and treat excessive amounts of stormwater and snowmelt runoff. It saves both time and money for municipalities to hire an on site frac tank cleaning services provider when the tanks need to be cleaned and inspected.

If you have any questions about on site frac tank cleaning services in Massachusetts, or would like to schedule service we are happy to help. Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today. Environmental related issues occur all of the time, and can strike at any time. That is exactly why you need to have a local and reliable environmental services company at the helm and ready to go whenever you actually need them.

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