Our hydro jetting services are the solution you need when your plumbing pipes are clogged. This holds especially true if you are sick and tired of pouring a liquid drain cleaner down the drains. It also holds especially true if you are sick and tired of plunging the toilet, or calling a plumber to snake the drains. Plumbers are incredibly expensive, even for small jobs like snaking the drains. Plus, those methods only work on a temporary basis. For example, if there is a clog or blockage in your sewer line a liquid drain cleaner will only begin to eat away at it.

In essence, it may eat away at the clog enough so that the waste and wastewater can pass through the clog. However, the clog will quickly fill back in to the point that your sinks will stop draining again. The same holds true for plunging. Typically speaking if you need to plunge the toilet it’s due to a larger clog problem. Most property owners do not know this interesting fact. When a plumber snakes the drain they are only punching a hole in the blockage so that waste and wastewater can start flowing again. That means they are not technically removing the clog.

Although snaking is more affective than pouring a liquid drain cleaner down the drain, it is the same exact concept. The only difference is the snaking procedure punches a bigger hole in the blockage so it will usually last longer. However, before you know it, you’re calling the plumber again to come down and snake the drain. The only permanent solution to remove clogs and blocks in the sewer line is the hydro jetting method. This high-tech solution utilizes highly pressurized water that is sprayed inside the pipes. A technician will insert a hose with a specially designed nozzle attached to the end into the sewer line through an access point.

As the hose and nozzle work it’s way through the sewer line the water is literally washing the inside of the pipes. The nozzle is powerful enough to remove any and all blockages in its path. It also removes any debris that is clinging to the inside of the pipes. That prevents future clogs from happening. That is why it’s also a good idea to hire a hydro jetting professional at least once per year as a preventative maintenance measure. If you do, it will significantly reduce the chances of suffering from clogged toilets, clogged sink drains, and clogged shower/tub drains. You will also find that our hydro jetting services are far less expensive than calling in a plumber to snake the drains multiple times per year.

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