If you own or manage a parking lot then you know exactly how important it is to maintain it properly. In most cases, the parking lot is the very first thing that consumers see when visiting your business. That means it will make a lasting impression. For example, if a customer or potential customer pulls into your parking lot and it is filled with cracks, dips in the asphalt, and a bunch of puddles they may feel that your business neglects more then just the parking lot. In essence, consumers may feel that you also neglect other aspects of your business including taking good care of your customers.

The good news is that a little parking lot maintenance goes a long way, and parking lot maintenance starts with having the catch basins cleaned on a regular basis by a professional catch basin cleaning specialist. If you fail to have your catch basins cleaned on a regular basis it will create numerous puddles in your parking lot. When water pools it is the number one (1) enemy of asphalt and concrete surfaces. The stagnant water seeps into the asphalt or concrete and creates cracks and dips.

If left untreated the entire surface of your parking lot will eventually crumble away, which leads to an expensive and time-consuming parking lot replacement. That being stated, if you do begin to see a plethora of puddles forming, chances are high that your catch basins are clogged. Catch basins, also known as storm drains or curb inlets, are actually openings in the ground that are a vital part of the storm drain system. Catch basins are designed to catch debris and sediments that travel with stormwater runoff and snowmelt runoff.

As the stormwater or snowmelt enters into the catch basin through a grate, curb inlet, or sump, the unit prevents floatable materials and trash from entering into the drainage system. Typically speaking, drainage systems disperse the water into local waterways, so catch basins prevents the debris and sentiments from entering with the water. Catch basins must be cleaned properly and on a regular basis in order to sustain proper drainage. When a catch basin is cleaned, the debris and sediment that has collected within the catch basin is removed.

If a catch basin is full and the debris and sediment is not removed in a timely manner, that is where trouble begins. The entrance to the drainage system can easily become blocked. This causes improper water drainage, which of course leads to flooding. In fact, clogged catch basins are often the reason why parking lots flood. In severe cases, that flooding can enter into the streets and even surrounding properties. The owner of the real estate is ultimately responsible from both a financial standpoint and a legal standpoint.

That means if your parking lot floods and overflows into the streets or your neighbors buildings, you are responsible to pay for the damages it causes. In addition, if the floodwater enters into a local stream, river, or pond, it may very well cause pollution. That means you may very well get into trouble with the Environmental Protection Agency. That can lead to expensive fines and cleanup costs. As you can see, there are multiple reasons why parking lot/catch basin maintenance is so important.

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