Pipe Jetting is an incredibly effective method of clearing clogs in your plumbing pipes and sewer pipes. It is also used for cleaning the inside of those pipes on a regular preventative maintenance basis in order to avoid clogs from occurring. That being stated, a plethora of people are unaware of exactly what the pipe jetting method is and how it works. In essence, pipe jetting incorporates the use of special equipment that pushes or sprays a high velocity jet of water through the plumbing pipes.

The jet of water clears any physical blockages, and will also remove any build up and residue within the pipes. As an added bonus, pipe jetting is both safe and environmentally friendly. Since the process does not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners, you certainly do not need to worry about damaging the plumbing pipes or harming children and pets. The specialized hose delivers a deep and through cleaning of blockages that are caused by dirt, sludge, rust, tree roots, and even objects that have gone down the drain.

Clogged drains can cause a significant amount of water damage, and even lead to unsafe and unsanitary living conditions at your home or commercial dwelling. Whether you are dealing with a simple sink backup, or a far worse sewage backup, pipe jetting can fix and even prevent these issues from occurring. So how do you know if you should hire a professional pipe jetting company? It may very well be your best option if any of the following situations apply to your plumbing related problem.

First and foremost, you have tried other drain cleaning methods with little or no long-term success. You have been told that your have severe blockages in your sewer pipes such as tree roots and or the build up of sludge. In addition, you should seriously consider pipe jetting if you are concerned that your plumbing pipes are older and are starting to break down, or your main line backs up on a frequent basis. Pipe jetting works great on cutting tree roots that have invaded into your plumbing system.

It can even save you a tremendous amount of money in excavation costs that are caused by tree root invasions into the your property’s sewer line. Regularly scheduled pipe jetting services are a cost-effective way to maintain properties that are old and may have pipes that are near the end of their life cycle. Typically speaking, trees on the property eventually send their roots down into the pipes. This can cause backups and further erode the pipes.

Regularly scheduled service can keep the tree roots from making a permanent hold in small entry locations in the piping. It can also wash away dirt or other blockages that can make their way in with the tree roots. Some property owners prefer to have pipe jetting done on a yearly basis in order to avoid the possibility of roots making headway into their plumbing and drainage systems. There are also benefits for hiring a pipe jetting specialists to maintain your business.

In essence, commercial drain cleaning clients should be particularly concerned with having a plumbing system that works on a constant and consistent basis. Even if a business does not serve food or perform any type of sanitary service, water and sewer pipes that back up can cause property damage and will most certainly close the business at least for a few days. A plethora of property owners that decide to have a pipe jetting service performed just for the cost-benefits, often find that the results are far better than originally expected.

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