Proper Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal Will Save You Money

Times are tough for many manufacturers across the country. Inflation has raised the price of the vast majority of products to an all time high. The fed government  has raised the interest rates to the point where big ticket items have become even more expensive to finance. We’re certainly facing an uncertain future. As expenses are rising and profits are dwindling, it may be tempting to start cutting a few corners here and there. However, when it comes to non-hazardous waste disposal you cannot cut any corners at any time. In fact, proper non-hazardous waste disposal should always be at the forefront of your business and your plans.

Otherwise, you’re not only risking the environment, you’re risking your business, and your entire reputation. Some business owners, operators and managers are under the false belief that it’s ok to dispose of non-hazardous materials like any normal garbage. That simply is not true. Although non-hazardous waste materials are not quite as bad for the environment as hazardous waste materials, they can still cause a great deal of issues for people, animals, and the planet. That means that non-hazardous waste disposal should only be handled by environmental companies that are qualified to do so.

The bottom line is do not dump your non-hazardous waste disposal yourself. Do not throw it away with the garbage or stick it in a dumpster. Simply contact us and we will come by your place of business and provide you with a full assessment of your exact situation. We’re not in the business to overcharge our valued customers for the valuable services that we provide. We are in the business to ensure that the environment is in safe hands for our children, our children’s children, and beyond. The fact of the matter remains that even if you’re a little bit tempted to cut some corners by getting rid of your non-hazardous waste without using the proper channels, just don’t do it.

If you end up getting caught then your business may very well end up facing some hefty fines. It’s not unheard of for companies to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, and legal expenses. Not to mention your business and personal reputation that is constantly on the line. The good news is that this can all be avoided. Simply contact us today.

Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded utility contractor that has the ability to pull the proper permits in municipalities across New England.

If you have any questions about our non-hazardous waste disposal services, or would like to schedule an appointment we are happy to help. Please contact us today! Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today.

Environmental related issues occur all of the time, and can strike at any time. That is exactly why you need to have a local and reliable environmental services company at the helm and ready to go whenever you actually need them.

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