If you own or manage a parking lot, or property that includes a parking lot, then you know how important it is to maintain it on a regular basis. That being stated, there is typically one incredibly important aspect that most people tend to overlook. It is the parking lot drainage management. If there are problems with the drainage system, chances are high that you are facing a serious water related issue. Although a small amount of water may seem perfectly harmless when it is sitting on top of the asphalt surface of your parking lot, the exact opposite is true.

When water collects on the surface of your parking lot, it tends to cause a great deal of damage. That is why parking lot drainage is such an important issue regarding the longevity of the asphalt. If you start seeing pooling water or water running down the middle of your parking lot, it is certainly time to start addressing your drainage situation. However, the signs may not always be so obvious. If your parking lot is suffering from drainage related problem, you will begin to see sand, rocks and or what looks like a dusty residue collecting in the low spots across the paved surface.

Unfortunately, this is a result of water breaking down your asphalt and carrying the sand and silt from the asphalt with it. When the water pools and then dries out in the hot summer sun, it often leaves behind a residue that is easy to see. The good news is that your parking lot drainage problems may very well be a simple fix. In fact, it could be as simple as having your catch basins cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. A great deal of property owners are unaware of the fact that catch basin cleaning is an important piece of the parking lot maintenance puzzle.

If you are not familiar with catch basins, they are basically a stormwater and snowmelt runoff distribution system that is buried underground. In essence, the stormwater and or snowmelt runoff enter into the box through a grate that is located at ground level in a low spot of your parking lot.  Debris that is mixed in with the water sinks to the bottom of the box where it stays until the catch basin is cleaned. The water than exits the box through an outlet pipe. At this point, the water is distributed to a local waterway, such as a stream, pond, or river, or the water enters into the city or town’s main sewer system where it is treated at a sewage facility.

However, if the catch basin is not working properly, or the sediment builds up to the point that it blocks the outlet pipe, the water has nowhere to go. Instead of being distributed, the water will exit the catch basin, and flood the surrounding area including your parking lot where it causes a great deal of damage.

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