Maintaining Private Storm Water Drains Is Your Liability

Stormwater separator systems need to be cleaned. Did you know that stormwater separators are pieces of equipment that utilize a vacuum like system in order to remove particles from water? Particles need to be removed from water in order to control water pollution. In essence the structures are designed so that stormwater and or snowmelt runoff can flow through the units. They also have a separation or settling containment area that removes sediment and other types of pollutants from the stormwater and or snowmelt runoff before the water is redistributed back into the system.

A great deal of municipalities across New England rely on stormwater separator systems to do their jobs on a constant and consistent basis. In order for that to happen, stormwater separators need to be properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Although they are built to last, the devices will start to function poorly and eventually break down if not taken care of correctly. So, how do stormwater separators actually work? In essence, they use the physical traits of flowing water to their advantage in order to remove a host of pollutants.

Stormwater separators contain internal configurations that force the stormwater to swirl upon entry into the device. They also include a feature in the design that reduces the speed of the swirling water. When the speed of the swirling water is reduced, any debris contained within the stormwater separates from it and settles into the containment area. So, what exactly is stormwater? Basically, stormwater is produced by precipitation. The precipitation is in the form of rainfall, melting snow and ice, or rainfall that causes snow and ice to melt.

The stormwater will evaporate, penetrate into the ground, or flow across water-resistant surfaces. Surface runoff is typically referred to as surface water. As stormwater flows across the water-resistant surfaces it picks up pollutants along the way. The bottom line is that any rain, snow, and or ice that doesn’t either evaporate or penetrate into the ground contain a bunch of pollutants. The surface water basically absorbs smaller contaminants and pollutants as it travels across the ground. It also picks up and carries along with it larger contaminants and pollutants.

If the stormwater separators do not remove these contaminants and pollutants, the stormwater will pollute the environment. For example, stormwater typically ends up flowing to local waterways such as ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. If the stormwater is untreated when it reaches its destination, it will pollute the local waterways.

Stormwater separators certainly go a long way in helping to prevent pollution. However, if they are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will not be able to do their job correctly.

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