Are you familiar with the hydro excavation process? If not, this article will explain what it is, how it works, and why it’s the best choice for all of your excavation related needs. First and foremost, excavation has been performed the same basic way since humans first invented shovels and started digging holes in the ground. Excavation with a shovel is back breaking work. That’s why humans eventually invented large machines that could do the shoveling for us. The problem is those excavation machines are incredibly expensive.

They’re also incredibly expensive to operate between the raising costs of fuel and of course the labor that it takes to operate them properly. In addition, heavy-duty excavation equipment is bad for the environment. The fossil fuel needed to run these machines causes a great deal of smog and adds a plethora of pollution to the air. They can also be dangerous to humans. There are countless accidents on job sites each year that are caused by heavy-duty excavation equipment.

So, between the massive costs, danger to the environment, and danger to humans, the use of heavy-duty equipment to excavate the ground is not ideal. However, it was either that or shovel by hand for many years. Then the hydro excavation process was invented. So, what is hydro excavation and how does it work? In essence, the process uses highly pressurized water, an industrial vacuum, and a portable vacuum truck to do the work of multiple large pieces of traditional excavation equipment. The highly pressurized water is sprayed on the ground in the exact area that needs to be excavated.

The water breaks up the soil and turns it into a sludge. The sludge is then vacuumed up and stored in the storage tank that is located on the vacuum truck. The process is so precise that it does not require much if any backfill. Once the job is complete the vacuum truck simply drives off and disposes of the sludge according to all legal guidelines. The hydro excavation process is super fast and incredibly efficient. Those two (2) important factors make it an incredibly cost effective way to excavate the ground.

In addition, the process can be performed in areas where heavy-duty excavation machines could never fit into. For example, if it’s a tight job site the vacuum truck can be parked on the street. Most vacuum trucks have 30-foot hoses, so the truck can be parked upwards of 30 feet away from the excavation area. Hydro excavation can also be performed during the winter months when the ground is completely frozen. The only difference is the operator will use heated water instead of cold water.

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