If you are planning a construction based project that requires excavation, it is important to consider the costs, convenience, and risks that are associated with the excavation process. It is also essential to look at the advantages that various excavation methods offer. Although traditional excavation methods, such as digging by hand with shovels and digging holes with heavy machinery, have been the preferred choice for many years, there is an alternative and innovative technique that saves both time and money. As an added bonus, it is safer for people and the environment as well.

This magic excavation method is called hydro excavation. It can be utilized in a wide variety of industries and scenarios. For example, hydro excavation is fast becoming the preferred method for installing pipelines. The bottom line is that hydro excavation is an incredibly useful tool for the construction industry, and will benefit your project in many ways.

How Does The Hydro Excavation Method Work?

Hydro excavation can be used whenever and wherever a construction project requires trenching, exposure of underlying infrastructure in the earth, or digging in the ground. In essence, this technologically advanced excavation technique employs the use of high-pressure water to literally cut through the ground. The water stream sprays so hard that it effectively removes soil, rocks, and any other materials that is located under the surface in order to expose the area for construction installation.

The soil and rocks are then removed with vacuum truck that vacuums up the materials and distributes them to a holding tank that is attached to the truck. At this point, the materials can be driven off of the construction site in order to be permanently removed, or stored in the truck for distribution at a different time.

The Biggest Advantages Of Hydro Excavation

As mentioned above, it is important to consider the advantages of the hydro excavation method when choosing it for your construction projects. They are listed below….

Hydro Excavation is SAFER

Hydro Excavation is safer than the traditional method of digging by use of excavation equipment such as backhoes and excavators.  Using standard digging/excavation equipment  raises the risk of encountering and damaging underground wiring and utilities.  Hydro Excavation safety vacuums the dirt and soil out of the way and around wiring and utilities without the risk of damage to utilities or injury to operator.  In some cases high pressure water jetting is used along side the vacuum to safely assist in the break up soil and dirt that may be heavily encasing wires and utilities.  Again, this method is much safer than use of traditional excavation equipment and is a method much preferred by large utility companies when they are in need of unearthing their underground utilities for repair.

Hydro Excavation Saves Money

First and foremost, hydro excavation will save you money, which is an incredibly important aspect of any construction project. It typically involves the use of one or two vacuum trucks. Vacuum trucks are a lot less expensive to operate than the traditional excavation equipment such as backhoes, excavators, and dump trucks. Less pieces of heavy-duty equipment on the job site means there are less people operating that equipment. That equals less man-hour to pay for. Less man-hours to pay for means you will save a significant amount of money. Reducing the amount of equipment also means less money is being spent on fuel.

Hydro Excavation Saves Time

The hydro excavation method is by far the fastest way to remove soil, rocks, and other debris in order to make room in the ground for foundations, cables, wires, posts, and poles. That means it will save you a significant amount of time. In construction and pretty much anything else, time is money; so saving time means you are saving money. Saving time also comes in extremely handy when you need to get the project completed ASAP. For example, if the sewer system is not working at your property, and the yard needs to be excavated in order to reach and repair the sewer pipes, the hydro excavation method can help get the system back up and working faster than the traditional excavation method. That means you can start using the toilets, showers, and sinks a whole lot quicker.

Hydro Excavation Is Better For The Environment

Last but certainly not least, hydro excavation is better for the environment because it is far more accurate, and gets the job done without the need of creating extensive damage to the environment that is located around the construction site. In essence, the high-pressurized water targets the ground that requires the excavating without displacing any of the surrounding soil and or structures.

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