Although the construction industry as a whole is incredibly slow to adapt to anything new, there is a cutting edge technology that can and will make a considerable improvement to your bottom line. The hydro excavation process helps save valuable resources such as time and money. This is due to the fact that it eliminates the use of heavy-duty machines, and significantly reduces the amount of man-hours that it typically takes to excavate a job site. That means you no longer need to hire traditional excavation sub-contractors who use bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks that are costing you and arm and a leg.

Even though you’re not the one buying the fuel, you’re still paying for it when everything is said and done. Fuel prices are on the rise and those heavy-duty pieces of dirt moving equipment certainly use a great deal of fuel. Just think about how much money that traditional excavation sub-contractors have to pay their heavy-duty equipment operators. You’re paying for that as part of the job as well. As you know, the traditional excavation sub-contractor is not only charging you for fuel and labor, they’re making a markup on those line items as well.

It also can take days if not weeks or even longer for the traditional excavation sub-contractors to complete the job. That means your entire job is most likely held up until they finish. The good news is that the hydro excavation method does not use bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks that guzzle fuel and are expensive to operate from a payroll point of view. The hydro excavation process only involves the use of a commercial vacuum truck, a highly pressurized water hose, and one or two technicians. In essence, the highly pressurized water is sprayed at the ground until the soil turns into sludge.

The vacuum truck then sucks up the sludge and stores it in the tank of the vacuum truck. Once the excavation is complete, the truck simply drives away and disposes the sludge at a pre-determined and approved location. The hydro excavation method can cut the excavation time down into a single day or a few days instead of weeks or longer. As an added bonus, the hydro excavation process is so precise that most excavation jobs do not require any backfill.

In essence, only the amount of dirt that actually needs to be excavated is removed from the area. By the way, you can utilize hydro excavation in areas where heavy-duty excavation equipment could never reach. For example, the vacuum truck can be parked as much as thirty (30 feet away from the excavation site if it is equipped with a thirty (30) foot hose.

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