Many of you have heard of the hydro excavation process, but don’t truly know how it works or where it should be applied. In essence, hydro excavation is a simple, yet technologically advanced method of digging the ground. The reason why more developers, builders, and property owners have yet to use the hydro excavation method is due to the fact that the traditional way of excavating has been utilized for many years. The traditional excavation method involves digging large holes, installing the item that needs to be installed, such as a foundation or a footing, and then backfilling the area around the installation.

At first, the traditional excavation method was done by hand with shovels. That meant a significant amount of laborers were needed to dig the holes and then backfill the holes once the installation was complete. Needless to say, it was backbreaking and time-consuming work. Approximately 100 years ago, shoveling by hand was replaced with shoveling by machine, specifically through the use of backhoes, excavators, and commercial dump trucks. Although it’s far better than digging by hand, the heavy-duty construction equipment is incredibly expensive to operate.

The cost of fuel is currently at or near an all time high and labor to operate these heavy-duty machines is also expensive. It’s also quite dangerous. Some of the worst accidents on a job site involve these excavation machines. In addition, the traditional excavation method is terrible for the environment. Just think about what burning all of that fuel does for the surrounding area. When all is said and done, the traditional excavation method takes too much time and costs too much money. The good news is that the hydro excavation method is far superior.

Instead of heavy-duty construction equipment, it only requires a vacuum truck, and a specially designed water sprayer that sprays highly pressured water. The technician simply sprays the area that needs to be excavated. The highly pressurized water turns the solid ground into a slurry. The slurry is sucked up by the vacuum truck and stored in the vacuum truck’s tank. Once all of the slurry is in the vacuum truck’s tank, the truck simply drives away and properly disposes of the slurry. The hydro excavation method takes a fraction of the time.

The method is so precise that it doesn’t require backfill once the installation is complete. The hydro excavation method is also significantly less expensive when compared to the traditional excavation method. That’s because it doesn’t require the use of those heavy-duty trucks with all of those fuel and labor costs.

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