Did you know that combination sewer cleaning, hydro excavation, and industrial vacuum units are all considered to be industrial vacuum trucks? Industrial vacuum trucks are comprised of high-pressure water and powerful vacuum systems that are created in order to take on the dirtiest and most difficult jobs known to mankind. Well, that may be stretching it a little bit, but you get the point. Industrial vacuum trucks get the job done in a fast, effective, and financially efficient manner. However, they should only be operated by a trained and highly experienced professional.

That is why the vast majority of municipalities, public works department, and private and public contractors sub-contract jobs to companies that specialize in the operation of these versatile machines. Think of it in the following manner. If you own or operate a large construction company you would not have the carpenters attempt to perform the job of an electrician. Instead you would sub-contract the electrician to handle all of the electrical work. The same thing holds true in regards to operating industrial vacuum trucks.

The best advice is to leave the work up to a professional operator. Although industrial vacuum trucks were originally designed for wastewater and public works tasks, their usage has certainly expanded in order to meet a wide range of demands in the construction, environmental, and industrial industries.

Industrial Vacuum Trucks In Construction

A growing trend in Massachusetts is the use of industrial vacuum machines on construction sites. For example, portable hydro excavators mounted on trucks are perfect for the precise excavation of underground utilities. In essence, highly pressured water is utilized to break up the soil, while a powerful vacuum system removes the debris into a storage tank to either relocate the materials, or store them for restoration purposes. It is far more cost effective and significantly safer to perform these tasks with a hydro excavator.

The other option is to utilize traditional excavation methods such as shoveling by hand, or using heavy-duty construction equipment to dig the holes and trenches. Other typical uses of hydro excavation on construction sites include soil trenching, removal of debris, cold weather digging, and piling hole excavation to name a few.

Industrial Vacuum Trucks In Spillage Clean Up And Disaster Cleanup

Did you know that industrial vacuum trucks are perfect for cleaning up industrial spills? In fact, the machines are designed to recover and clean up a wide variety of materials such as solids, sawdust, fly ash, fine dust, dry bulk powders, grains, liquids, oils, slurries, thick sludge, and other catalysts. The trucks have special features that properly hold these materials in a secure manner until they can be properly disposed of. Since industrial vacuum trucks have extremely powerful capabilities, it should come as no surprise that they are also incredibly useful in disaster cleanup and recoveries.

The bottom line is that these machines remove debris in the quickest manner possible with significantly less labor involved when compared to manual techniques. On another note, industrial vacuum trucks are the only type of machinery that is designed to remove debris from storm drains and catch basins that are causing flooding after excessive rainstorms and snow melt.

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