If you own or operate a construction company, than you may very well be familiar with vacuum trucks and how important their function is to particular operations of your business. In essence, vacuum trucks are technologically advanced machines that suck up liquids, slurry, sludge, and solids that are located at a particular location, or job site. The vacuum trucks then transfers those materials into a storage tank that is mounted on a heavy-duty truck. When the tank is filled, or the job is completed, the vacuum truck will typically transport the materials to another site for disposal.

For example, once the truck is full, the vacuum truck driver will leave your job site and dispose of the material at an official soil transfer station. In certain cases, the vacuum truck will store the materials for near future use, or drop off the materials at a storage facility for later use. Vacuum trucks were originally invented to suction up the high-pressure slurry that is utilized in the mining industry, but have found their use more and more in the construction industry in recent years.

Although the construction industry is famous for being slow to adapt to new technologies, vacuum trucks are making waves due to the fact that they are incredibly effective on construction job sites. Vacuum trucks are fitted with a system of high-pressure hoses and suction tubes. This enables these high-tech machines to perform a non-destructive form of excavation called hydro excavation. Hydro excavation is the process of moving or removing soil with highly pressurized water. A powerful vacuum is then utilized to transfer the soil and debris into the debris tank.

Hydro excavation is far more accurate, significantly more efficient, and saves a considerable amount of both time and money. It is also the best way to excavate soil when locating, repairing, and installing underground utilities. Vacuum trucks are also utilized to empty tanks and bodies of liquid. This includes sewage and septic tanks, water tanks, and even areas of land that have flooded. It goes without saying that vacuum trucks are highly useful when you need to move large amounts of liquid in short periods of time, or even if you need to dig precise foundations for large construction projects.

So how do they work? A vacuum truck works by utilizing a pump that creates negative air pressure. In turn, creating negative air pressure is how suction works. The power of the pump determines the strength of the suction. In order for a vacuum truck to suction construction materials and other types of materials, a suction hose is attached to both the pump and the tank. The suction hoses are typically three (3) inches in diameter and can range from a few feet long to well over three hundred feet in length.

This provides vacuum trucks with the ability to complete material removal services in tight fitting areas where even the truck will not fit. When a vacuum truck is used for hydro excavation, a high-pressure hose is also connected to the tank. One operator will utilize the high pressure hose to break down the material, including soil, gravel, and rock, while the other operator simultaneously uses the suction hose to remove the slurry and transport it into the tank.

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