Waste Removal

If you own or operate a business that produces non hazardous waste, it is incredibly important to dispose of the materials in the proper manner. Otherwise your company may very well face strict sanctions, and serious fines. In the most severe cases, those sanctions and fines can put you out of business on a temporary, or even permanent basis. The good news is that there are environmental service contractors that specialize in the removal and disposal of non-hazardous materials.

The question you should be asking yourself at this point is not if you should utilize the service, but which company you should hire? Not all environmental service contractors are created equal. Like anything else in life, some are better than others. So without further ado, here are a few ways to know that you are working with the best non hazardous waste removal contractor.

Your Non Hazardous Waste Removal Contractor Should Have A Proven Track Record Of Success

Although there may be a plethora of environmental service contractors in Massachusetts, only the best will have a proven track record of success. It is crucial for you to determine if the company is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. In essence, actions speak louder than words. That means you need to perform some research. Start by checking their website and reading the testimonials. It is also important to note how long the company has been in business.

If they have been in operations for the long haul, chances are they are conducting business in the proper manner. The next step is to do a Google search, or check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the company. You should also research to see if there are any sanctions against the company, or if they have paid fines for improper disposal of non hazardous waste materials. Last but certainly not least, ask for customer references and contact those references to verify them.

Forget about the old rule of 3-5 customer references. The environmental services company that you are considering should have at least 20 customer references. Take the time to contact all of them.

Your Non Hazardous Waste Removal Contractor Should Utilize The Best Equipment And Technology Available

Top-notch environmental services contractors utilize the best equipment and technology available on the market. That means they are spending money and investing in their business, which shows a high level of reliability. It also proves that the non hazardous waste removal contractor can handle all of your needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

When you are interviewing environmental services contractors you should always ask them what type of equipment and technology they will be using for your business.

You should also find out how new or old that equipment and technology actually is. For example, do they utilize a combination of heavy-duty industrial vac units, and customized trucks that are designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials? Another example is businesses that have remote or even inaccessible locations. In that case you need to work with a contractor that has the equipment to handle the job such as long distance suction lines.

In conclusion, non hazardous waste removal is a serious matter, and it should be treated that way. You simply cannot take the risk of working with a cut-rate environmental services contractor. The fate of your business may very well rest in their hands.

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