The question of the day is what are the key benefits of pipe jetting services? It certainly poses an interesting question, however the answer is simple. First and foremost one of the top benefits of pipe jetting services is the fact that it completely removes any and all blocks and clogs in the sewer pipes. That means you will no longer need to plunge the toilet. It also means that you will no longer need to snake the toilet and or sewer pipes or pour a liquid drain cleaner down the drains in your sinks, tubs, and showers.

The bottom line is the key benefits of pipe jetting services revolve around the fact that it’s more of an ultimate solution instead of a temporary solution. You see, plunging the toilet, snaking the toilet and or sewer pipes, and pouring a liquid drain cleaner/de-clogging down the drains doesn’t actually solve the problem. These methods only take care of the problem on a temporary basis. Here’s why. Plunging the toilet may only remove a portion of the clog.

Although this method may remove enough of the clog to allow the toilet to start flushing again, you may soon be faced with the exact same issue. When a plumber snakes the pipe they are only punching a hole through the clog. Although the hole in the clog allows the water, waste, and waste materials to pass through the sewer pipe the hole in the blockage will start to fill back in. When you pour a liquid de-clogging agent down the drain in your sink, tub, and or shower the chemicals will eat away at the clog in the pipe.

After you pour an entire bottle or two or even three down the drain the chemicals may eat away at the clog enough to allow water, waste, and waste water to pass through the pipe. However, much like snaking the pipe, the clog will soon fill back in again and completely clog or block the sewer pipe. However, the key benefits of pipe jetting services is that the clog or block is permanently removed. Here’s how it works. A hose that sprays highly pressurized water is entered into the sewer pipe system from a pre-established access point.

The hose sprays highly pressurized water at the clog or blockage in the pipe until it completely breaks it down. Once that happens the debris is sprayed out of the pipe. The highly pressurized water also scrubs the interior surfaces of the sewer pipes in order to remove any other debris that would have formed into clogs and blocks in the pipe. The bottom line is that the key benefits of pipe jetting services is that it is a solution to clogs and at the same time prevents future clogs from forming.

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