Sewer System Video Inspections Save You Money

The sewer system in your place of business, investment property, or a municipal building that you manage certainly is an important piece of the overall property maintenance puzzle. In fact, it withstands an incredible amount of use and even abuse on a daily basis. That being stated, there are some business owners and property managers that do not give their sewer system a second thought unless there happens to be an issue. In that case, it is all you will end up thinking about until the problem is resolved.

Are you aware how much money a major sewer system problem will cost you? Sewer repairs are incredibly expensive, especially if the pipeline is severely broken. It can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is that a sewer system video inspection is an extremely cost effective way to discover small problems before they turn into major issues. The following information will provide you with further details.

Major Sewer Repairs Cost A Considerable Amount Of Money And Cause Significant Downtime

As you read above, sewer repairs are flat out expensive and may or may not be covered by the property insurance policy. That means you may very well need to go out of pocket to fix or replace the sewer system, which can cost upwards of $50,000 if not more. Imagine having to go out of pocket, or worse yet borrowing the money? In addition to the monetary expenses, there

is also the probability that people will not be able to use the bathrooms, or even turn on any of the faucets until the sewer system is repaired or replaced.

That could take weeks or even longer depending on scheduling, permits, material delivery, and other construction related issues that tend to tie up projects. That means until the work is complete, the building is basically down for the count. If the building is down for the count for weeks on end, or even months, your organization may be in trouble.

Regularly Scheduled Sewer System Inspections Discover Problems Before They Become Major Issues

Plumbing industry leaders and sub-terrain infrastructure experts highly suggest having your sewer system inspected by a specialist on a yearly basis. This holds true whether your property is older or newer. Of course old pipes tend to crack, collapse, and rot out easier. However, you just never know what is going on underground. Even new pipes can break due to shifts in the Earth’s crust, pipe blockages, and tree root invasion. However, discovering problems early on can make the difference of having small, and cost effective repairs made now, or paying for larger, far more expensive repairs sometime in the near future.

Sewer System Video Inspections Are Non-Invasive And Less Costly

In order to avoid digging up the yard or grounds in order to inspect the pipes in person, property maintenance specialists utilize advanced technology in the form of video camera inspections. It is a fairly simple process when conducted by a professional operator. The camera is attached to a flexible rod that is inserted into the sewer system through an existing access point. As the rod is fed through your pipeline it is broadcasting and recording video of the condition of the sewer pipeline in real time.

The camera operator views the footage on a portable electronic device. They are able to see crystal clear images that enable them to easily diagnose any and all issues, which can be fixed immediately. Hopefully the sewer inspection proves that the sewer pipeline is in great working order. However, if it is not then at least you can have it fixed before it becomes significantly worse.

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