There happen to be a great deal of varied uses for the versatile vacuum truck, however the vast majority of people are completely unaware of what they are, let alone the services that they provide. In fact, the vacuum truck is one of those unsung heroes that are constantly overlooked by the average person on the street. You have probably seen them drive by thousands of times thinking that they are simply a sewage removal vessel. While vacuum trucks are used to pump out and remove sewage from septic systems, they also have a plethora of other applications.

Most of them are unpleasant and even dirty jobs that society simply does not like to think about. That being stated, these humble machines are actually used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses. You may very well need the services of one yourself, so it is important to understand how these workhorses operate. The following information will teach you exactly how versatile vacuum trucks actually are.

What Is A Vacuum Truck?

A vacuum truck, otherwise known as a vacuum tanker, is a type of commercial vehicle that contains both a pump and a tank. The pump is designed to extract liquids, sludge, and slurries in a pneumatic manner from a particular location and into the tank located on the truck. In essence, the purpose is to remove and then transport the material to a location where it can be permanently disposed. It should be noted that any vacuum truck should only be operated by an experienced professional that has gone through the proper training and is well aware of exactly how the vehicle operates. Otherwise, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Commercial Uses For Vacuum Trucks

There are a vast variety of commercial uses that require the services of a vacuum truck. For example, companies that work within the food industry count on vacuum trucks to remove grease and other types of waste from disposal systems, especially when the pipes become clogged. Gasoline and oil related businesses need to store their products in tanks. These tanks need regular cleaning in order to operate properly. The best way to clean these tanks is with a vacuum truck. Speaking of large storage tanks, there are a great deal of other industries, such as the farming industry, that use them as part of their daily operations. Farms use large tanks to store water, fertilizer, and feed. These tanks also need to be cleaned on a regular basis and utilizing the services of vacuum trucks and experienced crews is the most cost effective, efficient, fastest, safest methods available.

Industrial Uses For Vacuum Trucks

Industrial applications for these amazingly useful trucks include removing products from factories such as briny water that is located in production tanks, cement, drilling cuttings, and drilling mud. Once the vacuum truck removes these waste materials, they transport them to treatment plans or sump pits where they are then disposed of.  Vacuum trucks are also useful in the installation of underground utilities. These incredible machines literally vacuum up the muddy waste that is produced when highly pressurized water is jetted into the earth to excavate trenches for the installation of fiber optic cables, phones lines, electric lines, and water lines.

In conclusion, the use of vacuum trucks in commercial and industrial applications is a cost effective way to remove and dispose of a host of materials. These versatile machines can also be used to clean storage tanks in order to keep them operating properly.  If you have any questions about vacuum truck services or would like an estimate for your business, please Contact us today. Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for fast, friendly, and affordable service. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952.

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