It certainly goes without saying that municipalities, public works departments, wastewater departments, and environmental departments are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to save money by reducing operational costs. That is why vacuum trucks, otherwise known as vactor trucks have become so popular in recent times. These incredibly important pieces of equipment can be utilized to perform a great deal of projects including catch basin cleaning, hydro excavation, and sewer pipe jetting to name a few.

The principal behind vacuum trucks is fairly simple. In essence, they combine the use of highly pressured water, and a strong vacuum system to perform specific tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner. The cost savings are even greater when the units also contain a recycler function that provides the operator with the option to reuse the water that is already contained within the system. First and foremost, vacuum trucks significantly reduce labor costs. This holds especially true when excavating for foundations and utility lines.

For example, traditional excavation methods typically require multiple workers to assists with clearing and digging the area. On the other hand, vacuum trucks can accomplish the same job by utilizing only one or two workers. The highly pressurized water quickly breaks up soil, and the vacuum system quickly removes the debris. When fewer workers are on site, labor costs go down in a dramatic fashion. Utilizing vacuum trucks for excavation related projects also save a significant amount of money due to the fact that they are far less expensive to operate when compared to heavy-duty excavation equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers.

Vacuum trucks should also be utilized by municipalities for other non-excavation types of projects based on their efficiency and speed. For example, catch basin cleaning is the perfect application. Typically speaking, municipalities are responsible for cleaning tens of thousands of catch basins on a regular basis. It goes without saying that using a vacuum truck to accomplish this task is considerably faster than doing it by hand. That means far more catch basins can be cleaned per day. For example, cleaning catch basins with vacuum trucks is approximately 20-30 times faster than performing the task by hand.

As the famous saying goes, “time is money.”  So saving a considerable amount of time means that you are saving a considerable amount of money, which is good for both the budget and the bottom line. The same holds true when cleaning and clearing out sewer systems. Vacuum trucks enable operators to pipe jet the sewer pipes, which is faster and far more effective than snaking clogs. In essence, pipe jetting is like power washing the pipes from the inside out.

In conclusion, based on the examples as listed above vacuum trucks not only meet the wide variety of needs for cities, towns, and municipalities throughout New England, they also accomplish those tasks in a far more efficient manner. If you have any questions about how vacuum trucks can help you, or would like to schedule service we are glad to help. Jolin Paving & Excavating, Inc. is your New England connection for a vast variety of environmentally related services. Our company has been serving Boston Massachusetts, Southern NH, VT & ME as well as Northern CT & RI since 1952. Please Contact us to learn more today.

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