Did you know that a sewer video inspection is like having eyes inside of the plumbing pipes? Sewer pipes are placed in walls, floors, and ceilings inside of buildings. They are also located underground outside of buildings. Do you know why these pipes are hidden? It’s not only because they are ugly to look at, it’s also due to the fact that raw sewage, wastewater, and waste materials travel through them on a daily basis. The bottom line is that people simply don’t want to think about things like that.

In essence, we don’t want to know what goes on inside of the sewer pipes or what happens once we flush the toilets or wash our hands in the sink. That is unless there is a problem. At that point we would love to have the ability to see within the sewer pipes in order to discover the issue at hand. From the time sewer systems were first invented all the way up until twenty odd years ago, we had no way to look into the sewer pipes without causing a tremendous amount of damage.

We could only do our best to guess where the problem was located and then remove that area of the wall, floor or ceiling inside the building and excavate the area of the ground outside of the building. If the problem wasn’t located at that point, it meant more demolition inside and more excavation outside. This went on until the trouble was located so that it could be fixed. That doesn’t sound like a very efficient way of solving an issue now does it? The good news is that we now rely on technology instead of guesses in order to locate issues within our plumbing pipes.

So, how does a sewer video inspection actually work? A high-definition video camera, that’s attached to the end of a long flexible cable, is placed inside the sewer pipes at your building. As the cable is being fed through the pipeline the video camera is broadcasting the live footage back to the technician. The live footage can be viewed in real time on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The video is so crystal clear that even the smallest imperfections within the sewer pipes are detectable.

That means any situations, such as clogged, cracked, or broken pipes are completely visible. The sewer video inspection not only locates any issues with the sewer line, it pinpoints the exact location of the problem. That makes it a whole lot easier to find and fix the trouble. The camera also records the inspection for further and future evaluation.

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