If you happen to notice recurring clogs in your property’s plumbing system, then it is time to call in an expert. Do not waste your time with over the counter methods that only temporarily fix the issue. In a great deal of cases, clogged drains and issues with the water pressure certainly indicate that there are serious issues occurring within your plumbing pipes. Only an expert will know the best course of action to take, and when to apply hydrojetting as the ultimate solution. At this point you may be asking yourself, what is hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is the process of utilizing a high-pressured flow of water in order to scour the interior surface of plumbing pipes. Hydrojetting removes the build up of scales, grease, and other debris that sticks to, and accumulates inside your pipes. Although far too many plumbers rely on rodding, which basically pokes a hole through the buildup but does not remove it, hydrojetting is a far superior method. Hydrojetting achieves a complete cleaning of the pipes. Here is how it works.

A technician will insert a hose that is connected to a tank of water, into an access cleanout. The access cleanout is an area of the plumbing system that allows the technician to gain access to the pipes. A specialized machine pressurizes the water from the tank.  The hose is able to withstand the highly pressured water that is sent into the pipes. The technician should have the expertise needed to deliver the correct amount of water pressure for the issue at hand. The water pressure varies depending on the condition of the plumbing pipes.

For example, the technician can pressurize the water up to 5,000 pounds per square inch or more, and deliver upwards of 20 gallons of water per minute. That being stated, if the plumbing pipes are older, it is up to the technician to lower the force and volume of the water. Otherwise, the pipes could break. The process of removing buildup works with gravity. In essence, most plumbing systems utilize gravity in order to pull wastewater out of the property and into the sewer system. That is why the hydrojetting tool works from the bottom up.

That means it is inserted into the downstream portion of the plumbing system. The water moves upstream, and works its way through the pipes. As the water cleans the plumbing pipes, the debris that is removed moves down the system. In essence, gravity takes it down and safely flushes it out of the plumbing pipes in the sewer pipes. The hydrojetting process works to solve a number of general plumbing issues. It effectively removes any debris that builds up with the plumbing pipes such as hair, soap residue, and grease to name a few.

Hydrojetting also removes tree root infiltration that typically invades sewer drains. Hydro jetting is a safe method for removing blockages that cause clogging. That being stated is it possible to cause even more issues if operated by a technician that does not have the proper training and experience. In addition, you should only work with a professional who will visually inspect the indoor plumbing system, and the sewer line with high-tech video equipment.

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