The vast majority of people do not give their sewer system a second thought unless there happens to be a problem. We simply flush our toilets, and expect our drains to drain as if by magic. It happens to be one of those things that most of us take for granted, like flipping the light switch and having the lights go on. It is simply supposed to work at all times. However, when there are issues with the sewer system, it can easily turn into a major catastrophe. Just ask anyone who has had raw sewage backing up into their property through the toilets, sink drains, and shower/tub drains.

At that point it can feel as if the end of the world has arrived. Raw sewage is an environmental and physical hazard that can make people and pets sick simply by touching it or breathing it in. The good news is the invasion of raw sewage invading into your home or place of business is extremely low if your sewer system is healthy. The question that remains is how do you actually know if your sewer system is in good shape or about to blow? The pipes and components that comprise your sewer system are typically buried in the walls within the property and underground outside of the property.

That means it can be extremely difficult for property owners to know what is going on within the system unless there are some tell tale signs. For example, if you smell sewage gas in or around the property, there is an issue with the sewer system. That being stated, even the worst sewage system related problems might not show any signs until it is too late. The only way to truly know if you are sitting on a ticking time bomb, or everything is good to go is by hiring a professional to perform a sewer system video inspection. The process works in the following manner.

A sewer system video inspection technician will show up to your property on the scheduled day and time. He or she will find an access point into the sewer system, and install a flexible cable that has a miniature waterproof video camera attached to the end. The technician will then feed the cable through the sewer system. As the cable is working its way through the pipes, it is both broadcasting in real time and recording the footage. The video camera may be small, but it is incredibly powerful. In essence, it is broadcasting and recording the condition of the sewer system in crystal clear high definition.

The technician is able to see the condition of the sewer system as if they are inspecting it directly with their eyes. In essence, the technician is able to spot and pinpoint the location of any problems within the system such as blockages, cracks, and broken pipes. That way, any problems can be fixed immediately in order to avoid disaster from striking. Professional sewer system video inspections are cost effective and should be scheduled on a yearly basis, especially if the property is over twenty years old. There is absolutely no reason to leave it up to chance.

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