Sewer Drain Video Inspection Cameras Are Incredibly Useful

If you own or manage a commercial property and any of the toilets fail to  flush properly or the one or more sinks drain slowly or stop draining then sewer drain video inspection cameras are incredibly useful to say the least. In essence, they are the only way to see the cause of the issue from inside of the sewer pipes. Back in the old days before the invention of sewer drain video inspection cameras, locating any sewer related problems was incredibly difficult, messy, and time consuming. It involved ripping apart the interior of the property in order to expose the plumbing pipes that were placed inside of walls, floors, and ceilings.

It also involved digging up the ground in order to expose the sewer pipes that were buried underground. It could take days on end just to find out what the issue was, let alone fix the problem. Just imagine if you managed an apartment building and had to find temporary housing for all of your tenants until the plumbing problem was found and fixed. What would happen if you had to shut down operations at your business for a week or two while the technicians worked on your sewer drain? Technology has certainly come a long way in recent years.

That’s why we now utilize sewer drain video inspection cameras to find the exact location of the problem within the sewer pipes. The best part is that the process doesn’t require any demolition or excavation. A flexible cable with the sewer drain video inspection camera attached to the end is simply inserted into the sewer pipeline through an access point such as a drain cleanout. As the cable and camera is fed through the sewer pipeline by the operator, the camera is recording the footage in high definition.

The camera is also broadcasting the footage back to the operator in real time where it can be viewed on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other handheld electronic device. In essence, the sewer drain inspection video cameras provide the operators with the ability to see the property’s  entire sewer system from a view that’s inside the pipes. That way, any problems can be seen on the operator’s screen. Any issues that are discovered can be easily found again when it’s time to repair them because they are marked with a GPS system that’s built into the sewer drain video inspection cameras.

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