Did you know that we have advanced technology that can actually see the inside of your plumbing system as if you were looking at it directly with your eyes? That means we can diagnose just about any sewer related problems without having to cut holes in your ceilings, floors and walls, or digging up your yard or grounds in order to expose the sewer pipes. So, without further ado, here is the sewer pipe video camera process explained. First and foremost, if you’re having any issues with your toilets, or the drains in your sinks, shower, or tub, or are experiencing problems with any commercial or industrial drains, contact us immediately.

We will schedule a time to conduct a thorough sewer pipe video camera inspection. So, here’s how the process works. A highly skilled, experienced, and well trained technician will show up at your property at the scheduled time. He or she will arrive with all of the proper equipment. The actual process begins by inserting a flexible cable, with a tiny high-definition camera attached to the end, into an access point into the sewer pipes.  The technician doesn’t need to cut anything or dig in order to access the sewer pipes.

In essence, they will utilize an established access point such as a drain cleanout. The technician will then feed the cable and camera set up through the plumbing pipes. The camera records the footage as it moves by. The camera also broadcasts the footage, of the interior of the pipes, back to the technician in real time. The technician will view the footage, in real time, on their laptop, tablet or even smartphone.  If the technician discovers any issues during the sewer pipe video camera inspection, he or she will locate and notate the exact location with the GPS system that’s built into the camera.

That way, whoever is repairing the issue will be aware of exactly where it is within the sewer pipes. That means the repair team won’t need to make unnecessary holes in the ceiling, floor, and walls. If the problem is located outside of the property, in the sewer pipeline that’s buried underground, the repair team will also know the exact location. That means they won’t need to excavate nearly as much of the ground in order to reach and fix the issue.

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