Parking Lot Water Runoff May Be A Big Problem

Did you know that parking lot water runoff might be a big problem for you? That is if you own or manage a stand-alone parking lot or a building that has a parking lot on the grounds. If stormwater is not running off of the

Stormwater Separator Systems Need To Be Cleaned

Stormwater separator systems need to be cleaned. Did you know that stormwater separators are pieces of equipment that utilize a vacuum like system in order to remove particles from water? Particles need to be removed from water in order to control water pollution. In essence

Maintaining Private Storm Water Drains Is Your Liability

Do you own residential, commercial, or industrial real estate? If so, you are responsible for maintaining private storm water drains that are located on your property. That being stated, the vast majority of private property owners may not be aware of their responsibility. This is

Is Your Property At Risk For A Nasty Flood?

The summer is finally here! That is great news for people that love to spend their time outdoors in the warm sunshine. It also means that there will be an increase in those torrential downpours that are the direct result of all of that hot

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